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本文摘要:HONG KONG — In China, an iPhone can be found for a small fraction of the official price. It just might not be a phone.香港——在中国,只要花上上一笔相比之下将近官方价格的小钱,你就能购买iPhone产品。

HONG KONG — In China, an iPhone can be found for a small fraction of the official price. It just might not be a phone.香港——在中国,只要花上上一笔相比之下将近官方价格的小钱,你就能购买iPhone产品。但它有可能连手机都不是。A Chinese company has won the right to sell its leather goods under the iPhone trademark after years of legal back-and-forth with Apple, according to an article in Chinese state news media. The case is yet another that centers on names that are well established in much of the world but that have had to fight for control in China, such as the basketball star Michael Jordan and the shoe brand New Balance.中国官方新闻媒体的一篇文章报导,在与苹果(Apple)展开多年法律对决之后,一家中国公司取得了用于iPhone商标出售皮具制品的权利。


此前早已有过一些类似于案件:在世界很多地方家喻户晓的名字,被迫在中国为商标的控制权而战,比如篮球明星迈克尔·乔丹(Michael Jordan)和鞋类品牌新百伦(New Balance)。The Chinese company, Xintong Tiandi, applied for the iPhone trademark in China just after the first Apple smartphones came out, in 2007, according to an article by the state-run Legal Daily last week. Still, Xintong Tiandi’s trademark in China, for leather goods, was approved before Apple’s, which had applied for the rights in 2002, the article said.这家中国公司取名为新的通天地。官方报纸《法制日报》上周的文章称之为,就在2007年第一款苹果智能手机公布之后旋即,新的通天地在中国申请人登记iPhone商标。

文中回应,尽管如此,新的通天地在中国为皮具制品申请人的商标,仍比在2002年递交申请人的苹果公司更加早于取得批准后。The website of Xintong Tiandi features a range of leather products, including pen cases, passport holders, handbags and wallets, all stamped with “iPhone.” None of the products are phones. In a news release issued last week, the company also featured photographs of its other products, like a leather iPad case labeled “iphone” next to a bottle of Rémy Martin Cognac.新的通天地的网站上展出了多款皮具,比如笔盒、护照套、手袋及钱包,全都具有“iPhone”标识。没任何一款产品是手机。

在上周的一篇新闻稿中,公司还张贴了其他一些产品的图片,比如具有“iphone”标识的一款皮质iPad保护套,旁边摆着一瓶人头马干邑(Rémy Martin Cognac)。In the news release, the Chinese company said that the “huge victory brings esteem to Xintong Tiandi’s promise to protect the iPhone trademark,” before adding that it was willing to work with Apple. Apple declined to comment on the case on Wednesday.在新闻稿中,这家中国公司回应,苹果“最出色的顺利令人认同,在此,新通天地科技(北京)有限公司允诺:为了确保好‘IPHONE’商标这一幸福的形象”,不愿与苹果公司合作。

苹果周三拒绝接受对此案置评。While the Chinese company’s approach might be perplexing, it testifies to the power of Apple’s name recognition in the country. The iPhone brand signals middle- or even upper-class status in China, and many are expected to be willing to pay for a passport cover or other item labeled with the Apple product’s name as a way to show that they have made it.虽然新的通天地的作法有可能令人费解,但它证明了苹果在中国的知名度。iPhone品牌在这里是中产乃至上层阶级的身份标志,或许很多人不愿让自己的护照套或其他用品上具有苹果产品的名称,表明自己是成功人士。The iPhone ruling, in a high court in the Beijing municipality, is just one of a spate of high-profile trademark and piracy cases in China. The country’s huge number of factories, bolstered by a 100 million-strong class of migrant workers, has made China the workshop of the world, able, among other activities, to quickly pump out products that can make a company a quick profit on the impulse to imitate.对iPhone商标权的判决由北京市高级人民法院作出,而这只是一连串引人瞩目的商标和正版案件中的一起。


Aiding them is a first-to-file trademark system that lets “unrelated third parties register trademarks which are copies or imitations of well-known brands,” according to a post last year from law firm DLA Piper.中国商标法使用的“再行申请人制”老大了他们的忙。欧华律师事务所(DLA Piper)去年在一篇帖子中回应,“不相关的第三方因此可以登记知名品牌仿效五品或剽窃五品的商标。”Among other high-profile cases, Michael Jordan lost the rights to the name he is known by in China, and New Balance paid $16 million in damages for what a court said was the illegal use of the Chinese name for the company, which a person had trademarked.其他一些案例也备受瞩目:迈克尔·乔丹丧失了在中国用于这个商标的权利,新百伦则缴纳了9800万元人民币的赔偿金,因为法院裁决公司用于这个中文名是非法的,它早已被某个人登记过了。Apple had previously faced a similar situation with the iPad. In 2012, the company was forced to pay $60 million for the rights to use the iPad trademark in China. Apple had bought the rights to the name in a number of countries, but after iPad tablet sales took off in China, a Chinese company said it had not secured the rights in that country.苹果的iPad此前也遇上过类似于情况。



The case caps a tough couple of weeks for Apple. Last month, the company’s iTunes Movies and iBooks stores in China were ordered shut by a national regulator. The company also reported last week that sales in China had dropped, as it struggles to keep the loyalty and admiration of fickle Chinese consumers.苹果近几周来诸事不如意,现在又遇上了这桩案件。上个月,苹果在中国的iTunes Movies和iBooks商店被国家监管机构勒令重开。